Rot & Ruin Blog number 2

After Benny and Tom rushed to Nix’s mom house they found that one of Benny’s friends( Morgie) was knocked out on the floor in the living room. Soon the mayor came with two guards and all five of them went upstairs to see a horrific scene. Nix’s mother took a beating by the hunters( Hammer and Pink-eyed Charlie). Blood was everywhere around the bedroom. Tom lifted her head to hear if she was still breathing. She was but it was very faint, he knew that she was going to die very soon and be reanimated in to a zombie. He ask for everyone to leave them room. About 20 minutes later he went down stairs and told everyone in the room it was down. Benny knew what he had done. He ended her life before she could turn. That night Tom and Benny discussed a plan to find the lost girl, bring back Nix, and possibly bring the hunters to justice for what they have done. The back up plan was to kill the hunters if Tom and Benny were getting attacked by them. The next morning the went in to the rot and ruin. It was about three hours until they came upon the first clue as to where the hunters took Nix. Small footprints were appearing on the side of the road, but there was also large footprints as well. This meant that the had stopped her for a break. Tom and Benny walk for another two hours until they cam upon a rest stop that had a monk waiting for them telling them that the hunters went north from their current position and that they should in the house because it was getting late. The next day the monk gave Tom and Benny some extra food, two horses, and expired raw fish to put on their bodies ( zombies aren’t attracted to anything that is undead or smells undead). They began to cover a lot of ground riding the horses. An hour has passed and they had to take a break from riding the horses because they animals were beginning to act dazed so they walked over to a near by tree, sat there and refreshed themselves. Benny grabbed the container with the rotten fist and put some on his skin he tossed it to Tom but it was a terrible pass because a lot of the fish spilled over Tom’s shirt, pants, skin, and shoes. Time passed when they were sitting under the tree. Benny finally broke their silenced and ask about the lost girl. Tom told him that he has seen the girl more then 4 times since last year. She was very dangerous and often was hard to find. She knew how to take down zombies and find food sources by herself. Benny was amazed but also nervous because of the wild nature the girl was displaying based on what Tom said. A couple of minutes later they got on the horses and was riding like the wind they got to a area where there was rocks on both sides of them then Benny heard someone say it was a trap. He look around and saw Nix trying to run but a figure that look like hammer grabbed her and they disappeared in the forest. Then a huge explosion happened on the both sides of the rock walls, The rocks came crashing down and Tom and Benny was cut off from going straight like they planned to do. But at least they knew they were close to the hunters. They took a detour in a area filled with zombies and cars they made the horses stay where they were and Tom told Benny to go in front of him just in case some zombies wanted a little snack. So Benny did what he was told but he quickly regretted is decision because the zombie hunter Hammer appeared and shot at Benny but missed but shot at Tom and he fell back in to the crowd of moaning zombies. Benny saw something run and hit Hammer from the corner of his eye. It was Nix! He quickly grabbed her and ran back on top of the cars while other hunters including Charlie were firing at them but they soon change the direction of their shooting because zombies were starting to reach for them. Nix and Benny ran in to the forest and didn’t stop running for awhile. They soon find a tree house and climb the ladder to get in there. They both talked started to cry then they started to comfort each and ended a the night with a kiss. Benny was awaken by the sounds of Nix screaming, he saw that the twin brothers( who is working for Charlie) standing around them. Benny tried to fight one of them of but Benny was weak and was easily defeat until a girl stabbed one of them in the back of neck(he middle of the neck where the brain and spin connects) and shot the other one in the back of the neck. Once the twins were dead(officially) the girl look like the girls on the back of the card Benny had earlier. It was the lost girl. She looked exactly the same as she did on the card. She couldn’t put her words in a normal way t talk but she could speak. She told Nix and Benny to follow her in to the forest. they followed her to a camp where there was 12 children and 5 hunters including Charlie and Hammer. Nix said this is were they take children for the Z-Games. Then the lost girl told them to follow her again to a cave where she lived. There Benny and Nix found out that the lost girls name is Lilah. They both ask her all types of questions about her life and how she knew where the camp was. She said she was taken there before but she escaped. Benny had a thought about how to get all those children out of the camp. Then he told Nix and Lilah that they would use the zombies to their advantage to circle around the camp. Lilah said she will get the zombies. Nix and Benny waited till it was almost night. The they made there move. Nix got one of the older girls free to help cut loose the other kids while Benny kept watch. That’s when a big, deep, grim voice telling them to stop what they are doing. I was Charlie. The rest of the Hunters came out and was standing in front of them. Benny was worried that Lilah ran away but that’s when he saw something move from out of the shadows. It was Tom! He said that he survived because of Benny’s mistake of throwing and getting all the rotten fish on him. Charlie said to Hammer “this guy must be dumb to come back for his pup”. Tom didn’t take to kindly to that. Charlie said they was out number and that was out of no where a large amount of zombies surround them and they look hungry. One of the zombies came at Charlie and that’s when the rest started to follow. It was a blood bath. 3 out of the 5 hunters were down almost immediately. They only two that was left was Hammer and Charlie. Benny got a sharp metal object from the ground and started to kill some zombies after that he threw it with all his might at Hammer. He made a direct hit, Hammer drop his club and fell in a pit filled with zombies. That’s when Charlie grab Nix but Lilah was there waiting to make a move and tried to attack him but failed. Benny picked up Hammer’s club and bashed it across the head of Charlie. He fell of a cliff and fell in the mild of the crowd of zombies. Tom, the 12 children, Benny, Nix, and Lilah all escaped with the lives but with some bumps and scratches. They all returned to the town but just before they got in the gate of the town they saw a jet fly around the town and in the direction that was south. Nix said in a couple of weeks she was going to leave the town and find the place where that jet came from. The next day Tom and Benny went to a house that was 100 miles from town. Inside Benny saw photos of Tom and himself when they were younger(baby pictures of Benny). That’s when two zombies appeared. They was Tom’s and Benny’s parents. Tom took down his father in a way that made Benny cry. Benny then tripped his mother and ended her. They both look at each other and cried. But after Benny realized that Tom wasn’t running away from their parents because he was scared. He ran because he was told to by their mother. At that moment Benny was thankful for Tom and they went back to the town to greet everyone. The end.

My opinion of the “Rot and Ruin” is that it is a great story and that I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes this type of books. The way the plot was set up was amazing. The way of the development of each character was spot on. Over time I was introduced to new characters that was related to a past, present, or future event that would either change the way of the story or give a little more  background information about the time before the story takes place. I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to continue to read the series.


The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero


“The Lost Hero” is part of the book series “The Heroes of Olympus”. This book follows three demigods named Piper, Leo, and Jason. They all were at a school for troubled youth and they were on a school trip. On bus Jason woke up, not having a idea on who he was and how he got here. His friends Piper and Leo tried to help him but couldn’t. While on this trip they got attacked by storm spirits that were assigned to kill any and all demigods. Piper almost fell to her death when one of the storm spirits attacked but luckily Jason was there to catch her in mid air. Later a demigod named Annabeth came and took them to a place called camp half-blood. This camp was made to be a safe haven for demigods since there was no other place in the word to keep them safe, but one of their campers named Percy Jackson went missing. Once they reached the camp they had to wait for their parent (who is a God) to claim them. Piper was claimed by the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, Leo was claimed by the god of fire and blacksmiths Hephaestus. But Jason didn’t get claimed that day. He still couldn’t remember who he was. Piper was keeping a secret that was very hard fro her to keep from her friends. Her secret was that she had to kill Leo and Jason before a certain time period. If she done that then her father would be returned to her. He was taken by a giant who was the son of Gaea (the earth). Leo also held a secret and that was that he killed his mother by accident because he had no control of his fire ability. He could “make” fire and with stand its affects. He lost control and burned down his house with his mom inside. Soon enough Jason was claimed by his father Jupiter. Which was strange because that was his father’s Roman name. Not his Greek name (Zeus) like Piper’s and Leo’s parent. Each of them had a reoccurring dream/vision that eventually led them to believe that something was wrong with Olympus (home of the gods). Jason manage to talk to one of the counselor and he said to go talked to the oracle. He did and she said that Hera, the queen of the gods was captured and held prisoner by a giant and her life energy was being drained to resurrect Gaea (grandmother of the gods). She wanted to kill the gods and have the giants rule the earth. After that Jason was told that he only had 3 days to find Hera and free her and so he chose Piper and Leo to go on this quest with him. They had fought some cyclopes, King Midas, and the goddess of snow Khione. But they also had some help from a metal dragon Leo found and repaired, Lupa the she-wolf that knew who and what Jason was, and Boreas the god of wind. They eventually find Hera and Piper’s dad but the giant that captured them both was waiting for them and attacked them. Leo and Piper manage to get Hera free in time just before Jason was hit to death by the giant. Once Hera was free she told Jason a small part of why his memory was missing and a prophecy that said that two leaders will be trade and only way for a great evil not to return is by the two sides coming together and the demigods and gods working together. Hera went back to Olympus and Piper, Leo, and Jason went back to Camp Half- Blood. Jason told them that he refers to his father by his Roman name because he was born with the god’s Roman side not the Greek side. He also said that Percy might be at the Half-Blood camp for the Roman children facing the same identity crisis. Since Jason and Percy are leaders and they are spoken about in the prophecy.

Character Analysis:

Jason’s character stayed the same throughout the book. He was supportive, kind hearted, brave, and a quick thinker. He got most of his friends out of deadly situations even without his memory. Piper changed a lot during the book because of personal situation with her father. At first she was very secretive from  her friends. This was because she was suppose to kill them but she didn’t want to nd if they notice anything wrong with her they would ask but she would either ignore them or change the subject. During the middle of the book is when she started to change. She began to talk to them a little more about her problems but she still didn’t tell them about her dad until Jason almost died facing the cyclops. Once she told them her internal character changed more than her external. On the inside she felt more confident and trusting towards others and because of that she became more independent than she already was. At the end of the book she was her on voice and she didn’t let the fact she wasn’t born from a powerful goddess stop her from being a strong fighter and she helped strengthen her friendship with Leo and Jason. Leo at the beginning of the book was very funny and carefree. He cared for his friends nd would try to help them out the best way he could but he thought of himself as the third wheel or someone who was a burden. Since Jason and Piper had deeper relationship he had envy towards them. But one trait that he took inherited from his father was his deep relationship for non living things. He thought to them as friends and put a lot of faith into the dragon his father made than into his friends at one point. But his personality changed towards the middle of the book. His past was being discovered and he really lost faith in himself when he couldn’t fix the dragon his father made and he couldn’t get over the fact that he was the cause of his own mother’s death. He felt that since he hade the ability to create fire from his hands he was just a demigod who was dangerous and he got discourage of this power because there was a legend that a demigod with the exact same ability destroyed a town in London. But when the push came to shove he pushed back. At the end of the book he regained his confidence and was able to control his ability without hurting his friends while beating the goddess of snow. So to conclude each of the main characters in this book either stayed the same or changed from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. Jason since he lost his memory didn’t have much of character development so he mostly stayed the same. Piper had changed from being secretive and dependent to open, honest, and independent on most things. Leo went from being low in confidence to high in confidence.

Personal Reaction:

I honestly love this book. From the way new problems were forming to the way each character had some internal struggle. But most of all I enjoyed they way the author tied the book to the Percy Jackson series. If anyone likes book similar to Percy Jackson series or by the author this one is worth checking out. Even though this book is fiction it still has some ties to real Roman and Greek mythology. For example, they have some of the names of the gods and goddess in Greek and Roman. Like Jupiter which is the Roman form of the name Zeus the king of all gods and Jason’s father. Something else I liked about this book was the fact that it had me figuring out the past of Jason. Which I believe is phenomenal. The amount of clues and hints the story provided was astonishing. Even though I still don’t have as much information about Jason. The story offered me enough to get a basic understanding of the character. Another thing that I liked about this book was how they incorporated life lessons and themes in e story as well. A theme that I picked up on was that the only way to success is trust. Trust was one of the biggest internal problems the characters faced in the book. Leo couldn’t trust his powers and Piper couldn’t trust herself to make the right call on saving her dad and back stabbing her friends or saving her friends and have the possibility of losing her father. I really did enjoy this book.


Fire & Ash Blog post



This book follows the events that took place in the previous one which was called “Flesh & Bone”. The story opens up with Benny trying to communicate with his friend Chong. Who has been infected with the zombie plague. Benny, Nix, Lilah, Riot, and Eve were staying at a place called Sanctuary. This place was made for people who seek safety from zombies or the death church. The death church was lead by a man name Saint John and he and his followers called Reapers were hell bent on killing everyone in the Nine towns and destroying Sanctuary. Ever since Benny and his friends got to this place they have been interviewed for signs of infection and what they saw outside of Sanctuary. Benny hated this because he ask question on the topic of saving his friend’s life. They always gave the same response. Nothing. Saint John led group of his Reapers to one of the Nine towns. But with him he also had a zombie army that attacked this town. Everyone in Sanctuary was either a  ranger, scientists, or monk. One day Benny went out of Sanctuary to find some more answers to save Chong. When going out he encountered and reaper who tried to kill him but failed. Benny then found some notes and one of them had coordinates to some place he didn’t know. Meanwhile Lilah and Nix were walking along the fence of Sanctuary when they were attacked by three zombies. Two of them were really fast and the other one was slow but had some sort of infections liquid coming out of its mouth. Lucky Nix and Lilah hadn’t got any of it on them. But they both were spooked by this attack. When Benny finally got back to Sanctuary he showed Joe Ledger who was a ranger for Sanctuary and a good friend of his brother Tom the coordinates and Joe told him to stay in sanctuary for now while he gathers some information himself. Of course he didn’t listen and he went to find Riot, Nix and Lilah and try to convince them he needed their help. One of the notes Benny found belonged to a person who was dropping of and protected a scientist that was working on a cure for the disease. He manage to convince them to find him and soon they did but with a huge crowd of zombies surrounding him and on top of that he was also a zombie.  They did manage to get some valuable information from the zombie, it was another set of coordinates that gave a exact location to a place. But that’s when some reapers appeared and one of them was Saint John’s second in command Brother Peter. He said Benny needs to give back the notes he had took. Of course Benny being Benny he said no and Brother Peter said that he had until the next day a full 24 hours to give him back the notes. Nix, Benny, Riot, and Lilah rushed back to Sanctuary and told Joe. Joe then took them to a place they never been before and found the person who was in charge of Sanctuary, Ms. Reid. She said that it was to dangerous for them to venture out. But Joe insisted that they go and with a long time of arguing she let then go. They took a military helicopter to Death Valley. Death Valley was the place the coordinates took them. There they saw the scientist that was working on the cure. Her name was Dr. McReady. She had made pills that stops people who had been bitten or got infected from turning in to a full zombie. But the pills were only temporary. Brother Peter led a army of zombies and reapers to Sanctuary and was attacking it. When Joe, McReady, Benny, Nix, Lilah, and Riot got back they saw what was happening. They began to fight the reapers and zombies. Riot left the group to find Eve and the rest of the group went to find Chong to give him the pills. They made it to the infirmary where they came face to face with Brother Peter and some of the best reapers there was. Joe got stabbed and Benny and Brother Peter fought but Benny surprisingly killed Brother Peter. But before he finally to his last breath he told Benny his home was in danger.  A couple of hours later Benny, Nix, Lilah, and Chong went back to Mountain Side and found their of friend Morgie. He was sorry for pushing Benny on the ground in the first book. He told them that he was with a group that protected the Nine Towns and Benny told him that the reapers were coming to destroy the town and that need to come up with a plan. They did and once the reapers got there Saint John blew his whistle to make the zombies attack the town but instead they attack the reapers because Benny bleach the whole field in front of the gate of the town which blocked the scent of the died flesh. Even though the reapers lost a lot of men they manage to kill of the zombies and entered the town and that’s when Benny started the second phase of his plan and that was to surround the entire town with fie from the bleach. He told the reapers to put their weapons down and all of them but Saint John did. He took his knife and committed suicide.

Character Analysis:

Having multiple problems have changed the characters in this book. But it also introduced the readers to new ones that had a significant part in the story. But the minor characters for example the zombies have changed as well. Before the zombies were usually slow, didn’t know anything but hunger, and reacted to sounds. But after reading this book the zombies became more dangerous than ever. Mostly all of them have mutated. This affects them by making them run, pick up items and use it like a non infected person would. Some even manage to dodge attacks. Like in the last book when Benny fought a zombie. Another set of minor characters that have changed are the reapers. The reapers at first was followed any command given from a superior person in the church. For example a command given from Brother Peter or Saint John. They have changed because at the end of them book when they out numbered Benny thousands to one, their feelings for their cause have change so they dropped their weapons and gave up the cause. Now on to major characters, like Saint John. In the last book it really didn’t give that much information on him. But as we can see in this one he had feelings towards his second in command. Brother Peter. When he was killed he was angry and hated Benny even more than he already has. But the end his emotions went from anger to sadness when he finally died and told Benny why he did what he did. Brother Peter was pretty much the same in this book as he was in the last one. He was a reaper who loved and was devoted to the cause. Joe ledger was also the same form the last book but this time around he was more devoted to help Benny save his friend even though at times he had his doubts about Chong pulling threw the infection. Lilah changed a lot externally. Ever since Chong got infected she stopped being friendly and threaten a lot of people who said anything along the lines of killing Chong. She became her old self for awhile until he got better and now she is back to normal in some areas. Nix also changed, she had a darker mindset in this book. She also questioned things like her relationship with Benny and her friendship with the others and why wouldn’t anyone just end Chong’s life because she believed that he was suffering. Chong had changed from being a zombie to being somewhat human again even though he still could turn in to a zombie if he doesn’t take his pills. He went back to his normal self like when he left from Mountain Side. Benny was struggling with some internal conflicts at the beginning of the book but they were fix towards the middle of the book. But his attitude towards life threatening situations changed because he handles them more with carelessness and sometimes goes in head first and hopes for the best. The book also reintroduced some characters like Morgie, their old friend. The book doesn’t give as much information about him. The book also has some new characters like McReady. She cares for her work and she really wants to fine a cure to stop the infection from destroying the world. Ms. Reid is also a new character she is very headstrong and sometimes can be hard to deal with. But if someone manages to talk about the right thing then she will be somewhat easy to work with. The last new character that the book had was Sister Sun. She was a reaper and die from cancer but she help the reapers increase the amount of mutations that happened with the zombies and she was also a chemist.


When reading this book I was at first kind of sad because of the struggle Benny and his group has been through. With them running from reapers and Chong infected it really got me thinking of how can they really preserver through all of that. I would have probably given up by the beginning of this book and thought that all was lost. But some how Benny still had hope and that hope got him and the rest of his friends to a mind set to continue to fight back and find a cure for Chong. When they left to go save the doctor and came back to Sanctuary to find trouble was waiting for them I was on the edge of my seat. It was reapers fighting rangers and killing people that nothing to do with the fight. When that all concluded and come to find out that Eve died I was heart broken. She lost her family to the reapers in the last book and now she died in this one. But at least she went to a better place than the one she lived in. When they finally gave Chong the pills and he turned back to his normal self I was happy. Chong to me is one of my favorite characters in the series because way of thinking and how smart he is. In some ways he acts like me and when the final battle took place and Benny saved the towns I was really excited because to me he accomplished something his brother Tom always wanted and that was trying to unite the towns. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this series.

Flesh & Bone #2


After the meeting Lilah saw she knew that those people were up to no good. She started to run back to find the others. But she ran it to some reapers. They thought they could take here own but Lilah was very skill so she easily killed them. But another problem was about to occur because Lilah was then attack by a boar that was turned in to a zombie. She never saw something like this before and for the first time in a long time she was scared. She took off running as fast as she could but another boar appeared in front of her and manage to inflect a moderate slash on the side of her leg. She was injured and it hurt really badly. But she kept running and running until a passel of  hogs  was chasing her and one of them made another attempt to attack her but ended up sending of the side of a cliff and the passel followed. But lucky some branches caught her fall but under her was the passel of hogs try to bring her down so they could feast on her. But she was out of range for them. Meanwhile Benny and Nix were running for a really long time until Nix stopped. Nix began to talk about how the sound of motors was something similar to Christmas with her mom back when she was alive and well in Mountain Side. But now she said it was just the sound of reapers and death when they came. Benny told Nix not to worry about it and said that everything was going to be fine even though he was lying to himself. Nix then began to question Benny on the fact that he wanted to find Riot and she said he like her. He denied it of course. But he soon changed the subject by saying they need to find someway to look for Lilah and Chong. Nix decide that they should move to higher ground to get a better view. They did and Nix climbed up the mountain, soon Benny followed and the he heard her scream. Her scream was so loud that everyone could hear her even the undead. Benny ran to her and what he saw was something he thought they wouldn’t see in a long time. It was the Jet they saw a few months ago. Broken in to pieces and damaged. Nix began to cry of the site of her hopes and dreams being torn apart. Chong started to blink and saw that Riot was hovering over him asking him if he’s dead yet. The moment he tried to get up he felt a jolt of pain coming from the area where he had been shot with by and arrow and it flowed in to his brain. Riot then began to ask question to see he if could at least talk without having any pain. He could speak and out the corner of his eye he caught Eve sleeping next to him. Riot then began to say that there was a good chance that if she pulled the arrow out of him the wrong way that he would most likely bleed to death. But she knew what she was doing and told Chong to put a rag in his mouth so that when he scream he would bite down on the rag hindering his scream to echo through the forest and cause unwanted attention. She twisted the arrow and Chong bit down so fast he thought he was going to bite right threw the rag. When the arrow was removed a great relief came over him but soon got replace with fear because Riot said that the arrow’s tip was covered with with zombie spit. In other words when Chong got hit with an arrow that caused him to become infected. He was really scared and then looked at Eve who was next to him asleep. Riot said that they needed to move to some place where people can treat him. This place was Sanctuary. Nix was still bawling from the crash site. Benny pointed out that the plane they saw had different signs on it. So that meant that they plane that was in front of them wasn’t the one they saw months before. Nix was relieved by that. They both decided to go inside the plane to see what they could find. When they got inside they saw that the place was filled with guns and  machines that wasn’t used for a long time. There was also some files all over the place. But in the very front of the plane they saw that the pilot and co-pilot were tuned in to zombies and tried to attack them but they were wrapped in some material that prevented them form moving. Benny picked up the files and notice that it had notes about zombies and how they were mutating, causing them to move around objects, run and grab items to use as weapons. He was shocked when he saw this. The moved to another part of the plane that had door that said the darkness awaits. Benny opened it and hundreds of zombie were locked in a cage. Lilah woke up and saw that she was still on some branches and that she was bleeding. She forced herself to get up and she thought of how to make it down the cliff  without jumping in to the pile of zombie hogs. She first ripped some of her clothing of to cover her wound. Then jumped to the far side of the cliff which gave her a opening to get her balance and attack the zombie animals. She managed to take down three hogs but the fourth hit so hard that it threw her back making her hit her head on a rock that knocked her down causing her to bleed from her head. Before she passed out form the pain she thought she saw Tom killing the rest of the hogs. Mother Rose and Alexi were planning to take Sanctuary for themselves and for their small army. They were recruiting people to join their cause. One person they got knew the location of Sanctuary and they began to march their way to the Sanctuary. But brother Simon and Saint John knew of their plans and waited for the right moment to attack them. Lilah woke up in a homemade shelter. Someone was walking in and she grabbed her gun. But the man said her was friendly. His name was Joe Ledger. He was working for the people at Sanctuary. He then ask Lilah why she was out her and she told him that she was with her friends that got split because of the reapers. He ask who her friends were and when she said Benny’s name he quickly told them that they needed to find them as so as possible. They got on a ATV that Joe stole from the reapers and started to look for the others. Mother Rose told Alexi to go to the storage room where they kept the guns and explosives for Sanctuary. All of these weapons of mass destruction would be found at the crash site where Nix and Benny were at. Mother Rose told Alexi to take the strongest of the men in the group with him to retrieve the weapons. He did  and started to make his way to the crash site. Then with the guy who knew where Sanctuary’s location began to march to it. While on the ATV Lilah and Joe saw Mother Rose’s army coming and they were marching in front of them. So they turned around and had to find another path to find the rest of Lilah’s friends. Benny was still in the plane when he heard a scream come from outside. It was Nix, she was screaming because Alexi and the some of his reapers were there with him. Nix tried to act tough and threaten to kill Alexi. But he said that she would be able to take one of them down but not all of them. Benny had to think fast and remembered the place where all those zombies were kept in a cage. He busted open the cage letting the horde come from the plane and the zombies began to take down Alexi’s mini army. Benny was running away we he was caught in combat with a zombie. But this zombie was “smart” because as soon as benny attempted to hit the zombie with his katana it caught it a swung it in a way that made Benny lose grip of it. The zombie picked up a stick and before Benny knew hit it hit him in the head causing him to be knocked unconscious. He had a dream where he was talking to Tom his older brother and he said that Benny was acting warrior smart for protecting or at least trying to protect everyone. Benny began to wake up every so often and saw Riot and Chong one time, Nix and Lilah another time, and Joe one time he recognized him from the zombie cards he collected back when everyone was in there home town. The zombie horde tried to take Alexi but couldn’t but got caught in the cross fire and she began to run in the same direction of Alexi. They were talking until brother Peter stepped in a killed Alexi. Mother Rose wanted forgiveness but Saint John said that the darkness awaited her. Then they both left her for the Alexi who was a zombie now and began to attack her. Benny woke up in a hospital bed and Nix started to cry tears of joy for him. She told him that they were at Sanctuary. Benny got up and Nix helped him around the place it was big though. He saw Eve playing with other children and ask to she Chong. But Nix fell silent. She said that he was battling for his life and that doctors were working on him. But the part of the Sanctuary where he was at was restricted and people that came  in never came out. Lilah was in there at bedside with Chong crying. Saint John traveled to some towns he heard about from one of his spies that was with Joe. She said there was 9 towns that awaited the darkness. He was now staring at one of them and then blew a dog whistle and a massive horde started to come from behind him and moved toward the town.

Character Analysis:

After the events that took place in the second half of this book a lot of the characters traits have changed. Benny at first was depressed about his brother being killed. But after the experience he had with the reapers, Saint John, and the new mutated zombies his depression has know turned into fear for what might happen next. When Nix was in trouble with Alexi and his group of reapers he didn’t know what to do and was forced to do something that could have cost him his life. But know that he knows that Chong is infected he fears for his friends life. In the beginning of the book Nix was independent and self-centered but now after multiple encounters with reapers and zombies she became a little more dependent on Benny because without his quick thinking she would have died along time ago in this book. But now she is no longer self-centered because she started to tell Benny how she felt more often and how sad she was and how much she missed her mom and Tom. Lilah feelings fro Chong have grown over the course of the second half of the book. For example she was with him when he was being taken care of in the hospital and didn’t leave his side not once. Which shows signs that she really has feelings for. Speaking of Chong his character traits has really improved. Before he was stuck on how he felt about Lilah but he overcame that with his death experience but know his bravery turned into a dark acceptance. This meaning that now since he is infected he will most likely turn into a zombie. Which means that he has to (even though he doesn’t want to) accept the fact he will be killed by a random person or one of his friends might have to kill him. Externally he shows that he his fine and is okay with what has to happen, but internally he is scared out of his mind. Mother Rose has changed a lot at first she was suppose to be Saint John’s right hand women but in stead she tried to betray him by going to Sanctuary and take over for her self by using weapons that she kept secret until the time was right. Then she would use those weapons against Saint John and the other reapers and take over the rest of the world. Saint John mostly stayed the same. But he became a little more insane. For example he gave or fed Mother Rose to a zombie that welcomed her to the darkness. Another example is that he “controls” a zombie horde now and he is using them to take over and destroy other towns full of people. Brother Peter stayed the same as before. As well as Eve but she is a little more traumatized since she saw the death of both her parents in front of her very own eyes. Riot became a little more trusting of Benny, Chong, and Nix. Not much was said about Joe but from what was read he sounds like a really good character. The zombies still aren’t main characters or even sub-characters but they manage to change how some of there kind act. For example some of them can now grab objects and use objects to inflict damage to something or someone.

Personal Reaction:

I was really shocked about how this book ended. There two major cliff hangers that the author left me on at the end. For example will Chong survive or not and will Saint John destroy all the towns he heard about. The way the story introduced Joe the new character was really entertaining. I say that because when reading the book he shows up out of no where and saves Lilah from certain death. Which in my opinion was very heroic and for him to know Tom and the reaction he gave to Tom’s younger brother (Benny) being in danger was absolutely satisfying. I really enjoyed the way certain problems were fix. For example Saint John still doesn’t know where Sanctuary’s location is which is a good thing. but the one thing I didn’t see coming was Mother Rose betraying Saint John. I really thought that she would stick with him to the end. I guess he must have thought that as well. But when she did betray him his reaction was very dark. Instead of taking her out he left her there for the darkness which in a since is going with his cause but not going with it because Brother Peter didn’t have to kill Alexi to bring darkness to Mother Rose and him. But he did it anyway. This concludes Flesh & Bone.

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