Rot & Ruin Blog number 2

After Benny and Tom rushed to Nix’s mom house they found that one of Benny’s friends( Morgie) was knocked out on the floor in the living room. Soon the mayor came with two guards and all five of them went upstairs to see a horrific scene. Nix’s mother took a beating by the hunters( Hammer and Pink-eyed Charlie). Blood was everywhere around the bedroom. Tom lifted her head to hear if she was still breathing. She was but it was very faint, he knew that she was going to die very soon and be reanimated in to a zombie. He ask for everyone to leave them room. About 20 minutes later he went down stairs and told everyone in the room it was down. Benny knew what he had done. He ended her life before she could turn. That night Tom and Benny discussed a plan to find the lost girl, bring back Nix, and possibly bring the hunters to justice for what they have done. The back up plan was to kill the hunters if Tom and Benny were getting attacked by them. The next morning the went in to the rot and ruin. It was about three hours until they came upon the first clue as to where the hunters took Nix. Small footprints were appearing on the side of the road, but there was also large footprints as well. This meant that the had stopped her for a break. Tom and Benny walk for another two hours until they cam upon a rest stop that had a monk waiting for them telling them that the hunters went north from their current position and that they should in the house because it was getting late. The next day the monk gave Tom and Benny some extra food, two horses, and expired raw fish to put on their bodies ( zombies aren’t attracted to anything that is undead or smells undead). They began to cover a lot of ground riding the horses. An hour has passed and they had to take a break from riding the horses because they animals were beginning to act dazed so they walked over to a near by tree, sat there and refreshed themselves. Benny grabbed the container with the rotten fist and put some on his skin he tossed it to Tom but it was a terrible pass because a lot of the fish spilled over Tom’s shirt, pants, skin, and shoes. Time passed when they were sitting under the tree. Benny finally broke their silenced and ask about the lost girl. Tom told him that he has seen the girl more then 4 times since last year. She was very dangerous and often was hard to find. She knew how to take down zombies and find food sources by herself. Benny was amazed but also nervous because of the wild nature the girl was displaying based on what Tom said. A couple of minutes later they got on the horses and was riding like the wind they got to a area where there was rocks on both sides of them then Benny heard someone say it was a trap. He look around and saw Nix trying to run but a figure that look like hammer grabbed her and they disappeared in the forest. Then a huge explosion happened on the both sides of the rock walls, The rocks came crashing down and Tom and Benny was cut off from going straight like they planned to do. But at least they knew they were close to the hunters. They took a detour in a area filled with zombies and cars they made the horses stay where they were and Tom told Benny to go in front of him just in case some zombies wanted a little snack. So Benny did what he was told but he quickly regretted is decision because the zombie hunter Hammer appeared and shot at Benny but missed but shot at Tom and he fell back in to the crowd of moaning zombies. Benny saw something run and hit Hammer from the corner of his eye. It was Nix! He quickly grabbed her and ran back on top of the cars while other hunters including Charlie were firing at them but they soon change the direction of their shooting because zombies were starting to reach for them. Nix and Benny ran in to the forest and didn’t stop running for awhile. They soon find a tree house and climb the ladder to get in there. They both talked started to cry then they started to comfort each and ended a the night with a kiss. Benny was awaken by the sounds of Nix screaming, he saw that the twin brothers( who is working for Charlie) standing around them. Benny tried to fight one of them of but Benny was weak and was easily defeat until a girl stabbed one of them in the back of neck(he middle of the neck where the brain and spin connects) and shot the other one in the back of the neck. Once the twins were dead(officially) the girl look like the girls on the back of the card Benny had earlier. It was the lost girl. She looked exactly the same as she did on the card. She couldn’t put her words in a normal way t talk but she could speak. She told Nix and Benny to follow her in to the forest. they followed her to a camp where there was 12 children and 5 hunters including Charlie and Hammer. Nix said this is were they take children for the Z-Games. Then the lost girl told them to follow her again to a cave where she lived. There Benny and Nix found out that the lost girls name is Lilah. They both ask her all types of questions about her life and how she knew where the camp was. She said she was taken there before but she escaped. Benny had a thought about how to get all those children out of the camp. Then he told Nix and Lilah that they would use the zombies to their advantage to circle around the camp. Lilah said she will get the zombies. Nix and Benny waited till it was almost night. The they made there move. Nix got one of the older girls free to help cut loose the other kids while Benny kept watch. That’s when a big, deep, grim voice telling them to stop what they are doing. I was Charlie. The rest of the Hunters came out and was standing in front of them. Benny was worried that Lilah ran away but that’s when he saw something move from out of the shadows. It was Tom! He said that he survived because of Benny’s mistake of throwing and getting all the rotten fish on him. Charlie said to Hammer “this guy must be dumb to come back for his pup”. Tom didn’t take to kindly to that. Charlie said they was out number and that was out of no where a large amount of zombies surround them and they look hungry. One of the zombies came at Charlie and that’s when the rest started to follow. It was a blood bath. 3 out of the 5 hunters were down almost immediately. They only two that was left was Hammer and Charlie. Benny got a sharp metal object from the ground and started to kill some zombies after that he threw it with all his might at Hammer. He made a direct hit, Hammer drop his club and fell in a pit filled with zombies. That’s when Charlie grab Nix but Lilah was there waiting to make a move and tried to attack him but failed. Benny picked up Hammer’s club and bashed it across the head of Charlie. He fell of a cliff and fell in the mild of the crowd of zombies. Tom, the 12 children, Benny, Nix, and Lilah all escaped with the lives but with some bumps and scratches. They all returned to the town but just before they got in the gate of the town they saw a jet fly around the town and in the direction that was south. Nix said in a couple of weeks she was going to leave the town and find the place where that jet came from. The next day Tom and Benny went to a house that was 100 miles from town. Inside Benny saw photos of Tom and himself when they were younger(baby pictures of Benny). That’s when two zombies appeared. They was Tom’s and Benny’s parents. Tom took down his father in a way that made Benny cry. Benny then tripped his mother and ended her. They both look at each other and cried. But after Benny realized that Tom wasn’t running away from their parents because he was scared. He ran because he was told to by their mother. At that moment Benny was thankful for Tom and they went back to the town to greet everyone. The end.

My opinion of the “Rot and Ruin” is that it is a great story and that I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes this type of books. The way the plot was set up was amazing. The way of the development of each character was spot on. Over time I was introduced to new characters that was related to a past, present, or future event that would either change the way of the story or give a little more  background information about the time before the story takes place. I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to continue to read the series.


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