Dust & Decay Blog Post #1

After the events that took place in Rot & Ruin the main characters Benny, Tom, Nix, and Lilah were discussing plans to leave  mountain side( the place where these characters live) because of what they saw out in the Ruin; which was a jet that flew east from the town. For weeks they have been practicing how to correctly use swords in case of any dangers.For example any zombies or any bounty hunters that weren’t friendly.  Two weeks before they were going to leave someone had died in the town but no one knew and when a little boy went to the back yard of this person’s house, the person came out a bite the boy.After that the towns people started to surround the house and killed both the boy and the man now turned zombie.But while that problem was coming to an end another one was rising. Benny’s friend Zak Jr. was going to his father’s house when his dad had turned in to a zombie. He bit Zak then went outside the house to bite other people. That is when a woman screamed to the top of her lungs. Tom( Benny’s older brother) heard the scream and told everyone else( Benny, Nix, and Lilah ) to stay where they were. Tom went in to town but he was gone for a very  long time. Benny got scared and ran  in to town. Everyone else followed. They all ran to Zak’s house because that is where they heard the screaming coming from. Then someone else screamed from the town hall. Lilah went to check that out. Nix was worried about his friend Zak so he knock on the door; only to see that Big Zak ( Zak’s Jr. brother) was telling him to run. But while saying that he fell over top of Benny and turned right in to a zombie in his arms. Nix came in front of them and pulled Benny from under the zombie. Then the zombie got up. Benny grabbed a solid wooden stick that was very heavy. Then he swung it to take down the zombie but in doing so threw himself of balance and he fell to the ground only to see Zak and his father coming straight towards them. As Benny struggles to get to his feet Nix ran kick the zombies in the chest to keep them away from Benny. Benny finally got to his feet, and saw that nix brought the two solid wooden  swords they have been training with all day.She passed one to Benny and they started to charge at the zombies with full force. Nix manage to get Zak’s father away from Benny and the other zombie. Nix quickly got the zombie to the ground and began to kill it once and for all.But Benny was struggling because he couldn’t kill his friend and that’s when the zombie leaped for Benny but he blocked it just in time. But the zombie close it jaw on the sword.Benny tried to get it off but it wasn’t letting go then the both of them fell to the ground but only time the zombie scratch Benny’s head and he was hit so hard it knock him out. He was awoken by Nix. She told him that she had dealt with the zombies and everything was going be okay. But Lilah jump from the roof of the house forcing Benny on the ground. She was getting ready to kill him but Tom came running out and said wait. Lilah thought Benny got bitten and was going to turn but Tom said he is not going to turn. The next day there was a funeral for the family. But the towns people were acting indifferent about it because the family was related to Pink-Eyed Charlie who was disliked among the town because of his actions in book 1. After the funeral Tom told everyone that they were going to leave tomorrow at the break of dawn. Nix was excited, Benny was excited but then changed his emotions because he was leaving two of his friends. Chong and Morgie. Tom told them to say their goodbyes to everyone and ask to ask Chong’s mom if he can go camping with them for a day. A couple of hours later everyone including Chong was at the gate. The gate opened and they took off running. 3 miles later they began to take a break from running. That’s when Lilah heard something move in the woods. Everyone got ready to attack anything that was about to come out. They thought it was a zombie but instead it was a huge rhino. It began to charge at them at full speed. The group split up and got to higher ground so they wouldn’t be killed. Tom told everyone to get in a cave that was near by. Nix fell out of the tree hitting her head. Everyone jumped down to help her out. Tom wasn’t in the line of sight and they hurried to the cave. They waited for hours until he back. Lilah said that they all should go back so the doctors can see if Nix is okay. But Nix said she was fine. So the next morning they began to travel east. That’s when they ran in to some trouble. Some hunters were playing around with zombies and one of the threw some TNT on the ground causing a huge explosion, that attracted a horde. The hunters fled the scene, but Tom and the others were stuck there fighting for their lives. They manage to escape but ran in to hunters that disliked Tom. These hunter’s names were The Green Man and White Bear. White bear knocked out Nix, Benny, Chong, and Lilah. Before Benny went unconscious he saw his brother being dragged away in to the darkness.

I predict that Benny is going to try to look for his brother. But in doing so someone might be captured or die because of the reading on the back of the book. So far the book has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next “action scene” in the story. Hopefully Tom gets reunited with his brother and the others. I really like Tom’s character and the influence he has over the group.




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