Technology post#1 Hackers Turn Tesla Into a Brain-Controlled Car

On November 23, 2016 at 1:14 pm ET hackers used a new piece of technology (EEG)  which allows any driver of the new Tesla car to use their brain to control the car movements. For example, not physically pushing the breaks but mentally doing it. The tester (hacker) was in the passenger seat while this was happening. They call it “Teslapathic”. I really think this is a good thing/idea. For example, it could bring the rate of car accidents down. But it could as bring it up because everyone is responsible for their own actions (if they are intoxicated or not). So my question is to the dealerships that handle this Tesla model, does this “improvement” of the car seem beneficial to the company? Also could this have a heavy impact on how much effort is put in to keeping these models safe from other hackers?

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Current Events#1 : The death of Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro was a very brutal dictator who oppressed his own people in the past. After his passing Obama extended a friendship hand to the Cubans. Fidel’s successor is his younger brother. Even though the dreadful dictator has passed his terrible legacy might not go with him all at once. The people are hoping that his brother does not repeat his older brother’s terrible history. I think this is very pleasing. I say this because he was (in my opinion) a reformed Hitler, that gave a traumatizing image to his own people and a evil presence to other world leaders. So to President elect Trump I ask, what are your personal feelings towards his death?

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Dust & Decay Blog Post #2

When Benny woke up he saw that the Green Man had returned. At first he thought he was going to kill them but he was helping the others to their feet. He was friendly, Benny was wondering why he was helping then he remembered that his brother told him that the Green Man was on his side and sometimes joined the cruel hunters to keep an eye on them. That was what the Green Man was doing. Then the rest of the group got up, but Chong. He was no where in sight so he knew that someone had taken him. The Green Man disappeared in to the darkness. That’s when Lilah heard some zombies coming towards them. Nix, Benny, and Lilah took off running in the opposite direction. But soon after they all stopped running. They made it to a safe house. Tom had escaped and soon found the group.They all were happy. But that’s when zombies started to surround and come in to the place, so Benny decide to light something on fire and put the place in flames. In doing so made the group split up again. Tom saw that Lilah went one way and Nix and Benny went another. He went after Lilah, but he didn’t see where she was. He was looking for her but he was also getting a little tired. That’s when a friend of his (Sally Two knives) met up with him and took him to her place. Chong was captured and given to the Burned Man. There was other hunters around him. That was when White Bear came in and said someone he knew killed Hammer. Chong knew who he was talking about but he didn’t say anything. They threw he in a cage. That’s when he knew where he was. It was Gameland. Benny and Nix where still together and they went looking for Lilah or Tom or Chong. The soon were getting tired and climbed a tree to sleep in. The next morning they came down and saw that someone had given them food to eat. They knew it had to be the Green Man. Some they continued their search for their friends. They went to a safe house and left a note to tell them(if they passed by the safe house) that they was ok and heading west. Tom woke in with Sally two Knives and they had breakfast. Tom was worried about everyone. Later that day he left to look for them and that night Lilah was crying and she saw the Green Man who told her to stop crying. The next morning Nix and Benny was heading west. They was going to Yosemite. They stopped at a safe house and that’s when they owner of the safe house was a zombie. Tom found footprints that belonged to Chong. He also predicted that some type of violence had occurred. Chong had been fighting for a long the cage but after his last fight he realized that blood was poring from his shoulder and down his back. He had been bitten. Nix had swung her wooden sword at the zombie with all of her strength and she did little damage she was traumatized and was moving away from him very slowing. Benny began to tell her to run away and that they couldn’t help them. That’s when other zombies started to come in. That when two friendly bounty hunters came in and put down the zombies. They were Dr. Skillz and J-Dog. Tom caught up with two hunters. Gunslinger and Redhead. He told them his demands and they had no choice but to follow them. They did but as soon as Tom turned his back to them they had tried to attack him. But ultimately failed. One of them felled and broke his neck. While the other fell and broke his back. Tom question him to get some answers. Gunslinger was the one who had survived and told Tom some information but he was going tell him where the new GameLand was but the shock came in and he passed out. Dr. Skillz, J-Dog, Nix and Benny got some distance from them and the zombies. That’s when they explained that they plus Tom, Lilah, and Chong had a bounty on their heads. That bounty was set from the fear some White bear. Nix didn’t know who it was so they explained who it was to the both of them. Before Tom left the scene he thought about how White Bear was Pink-Eyed Charlie’s older brother. When the first GameLand was built Tom torched the place and inside was White Bear(who wasn’t called White Bear at the time) after some months of treatment he wanted revenge. Some people say he was more insane after his brother died. Nix and Benny was heading to Yosemite National Park. Soon they had reach the entrance of Yosemite National Park. Then they reached the Wawona Hotel. But when they saw the front of the hotel they was sick to their stomachs because there was a sign that read “Welcome to GameLand”.  Then two hunters came from behind them and they started to talk to them about this place and why it is up and running again. Nix hated that and one of the hunters slapped her but Benny hit the hunter dropping him to the ground and was getting ready to hit him with his wooden sword but the hunter grabbed it and with his free hand hit Benny directly in his face. Causing him to spit out blood. The hunters told them that their plan was for Tom to come and find them, not just Nix and Benny but the rest of the hunters and try to kill them all. Then they said purgatory awaits them.  Lilah woke up and was talking to the Greenman for awhile. Then she started to talk about how she saw the world as zombies, hunters, and her wand what she was afraid. Which was her falling in Love with Chong and him dying. The hunters put Benny and Nix in a room and soon White Bear came in and started to ask some questions. Then he went on say how they were going to take back the ruin and “guide” all zombies out of farmable land. Tom was starting at the old hotel and was thinking to himself of how all this was his fault. Then he said to take them to the pits where they will be fighting zombies. White Bear gave a speech and then two hunters tossed them in a pit. Tom had came and recused Chong from the pit but he saw the bite. He asked him how long has it been. Chong said about 5-6 hours. Tom was dazed by it. Then ask him does he knew where Nix and Benny were at. He said no. That’s when they rushed in the hotel and started to kill anyone who was attacking then. Later Toms hunters friends( Sally two knives, J-dog and Dr. Skill, Solomon,  and Basher) all started to tell him how they got their and how this was a rescue party. Benny and Nix were getting ready to fight when they saw that Pink-eyed Charlie came out as a zombie. But he was fast and White Bear was watching but then the crowd stop laughing and cheering because then they saw Tom Imura  with his crew and then the killing started. Benny and Nix killed the zombie and Dr. Skillz  came down and got them out of the pit. Chong got hit by White Bear and just before he was going to die Lilah dropped White Bear and saved Chong. Then she slapped him and told him that he wasn’t going to die because only the teeth got him and the infection is in the mouth. Then she made him promise that he wasn’t going to die and once he did she kissed him. After all that someone blew some c4 and the hotel blew up. They all started to laugh but then Tom fell because he had be shot. White Bears father came out and then shot Chong but then Lilah stabbed him in the chest and he died. Everyone came by Tom and then they started to cry because it was the end of a legend.


The way this book ended was very shocking I really didn’t expect Tom to die. He was one of my favorite characters in the book so far. But for him to go out the way he did was amazing and heart warm. He died protecting his brother and his friends and stopping GameLand. It was really sad when I read these words ” I…I’m going to try not to come back”(page 506). This meant that Tom didn’t want to die and be reanimated as a zombie and had to make one of his friends or Benny kill him. I can’t wait to read the next book and to see how Benny will get through life without his brother now.