Technology post#1 Hackers Turn Tesla Into a Brain-Controlled Car

On November 23, 2016 at 1:14 pm ET hackers used a new piece of technology (EEG)  which allows any driver of the new Tesla car to use their brain to control the car movements. For example, not physically pushing the breaks but mentally doing it. The tester (hacker) was in the passenger seat while this was happening. They call it “Teslapathic”. I really think this is a good thing/idea. For example, it could bring the rate of car accidents down. But it could as bring it up because everyone is responsible for their own actions (if they are intoxicated or not). So my question is to the dealerships that handle this Tesla model, does this “improvement” of the car seem beneficial to the company? Also could this have a heavy impact on how much effort is put in to keeping these models safe from other hackers?

Link to website:

Link to (short) video:

Pictures of the car:



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