Uber pulls away there self driving cars

Uber had a disagreement with the state of California with their self driving cars on the road and the regulations the state put up. Soon Uber pulled all self driving car operations back. I think this was very smart. I say this because one of their cars ran a stop light. Also because Uber decided to put their operation in another area rather than take the problem to court. My question is to Uber, will there be future attempts to put “self driving” cars on the roads of California?

Website: http://www.npr.org/2016/12/22/506625896/uber-pulls-self-driving-cars-from-california-roads





Congressman Charles Rangel Retires

Charles Rangel was “face” of Harlem in Washington. Since he is retiring the neighborhood of Harlem will be without a African-American congressman representing them in 70 years. I feel sad. I say this because he has been representing the people of Harlem for a very long time and now they won’t have anyone like him in office. But I’m also happy because he spent most of his life doing this job and he could use time away from it. My question it to Charles Rangel, what will you do now since you are retiring?

Website: http://www.npr.org/2016/12/24/506817189/congressman-charles-rangel-harlems-face-in-washington-retires



Underworld: Blood Wars

This movie is coming out in 2017. I am very excited. I say this because my mom and I are underworld fans and the action is great. The plot and special effects are also very good. My question is to Anna Foerster, is this the last movie for this series?






Staying away from graphic design

The career I want to stay away from is graphic design. I want to stay away from this because it is very meticulous. Also because a lot of my family members are doing this field of work and I want to do something different. Lastly, its not my passion to become a graphic designer. Those are my reasons as to why I don’t I’m staying away from this career.

Cooking/ Becoming a head chef

Why do I want to do more research about cooking than anything thing else that interest me? The reason as to why I want to do more research is because I want to be known across the world as one of the most famous chef/cooks who lived. In order to achieve that goal I have to learn the basic of how to cook and how to make people enjoy it. Furthering research on this topic means I have a better chance of getting to that goal. Research on this topic will also update my knowledge recipes that are very common yet delicious to the public. But before I can go into depth with this topic I have to answer this question, what are the benefits of being a professional cook?


Snapchat and Uber team up

On December 21, details of a new update with Uber has been released. This update allows the passenger to set people as their destination of choose instead of locations. Also Uber is allowing people to Snapchat while they are waiting to go to their friend. I think this could be problematic. I say this because if the person moves from their spot then you and the driver will have a disagreement and depending on where they moved to, it could cost you more than what the original price was. My question goes to Uber, does Snapchat have a bigger role in this team up in the future?

website: http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/12/21/506143751/uber-and-snapchat-team-up-to-zero-in-on-your-friends


Vehicle Attacks Like Berlin’s Are Nothing New, And Are Likely To Continue

On Monday December 19, 2016 at least 12 people were killed and injured at Christmas Market in Berlin. This wasn’t seen as something new to the public but people suspect it will likely continue because terrorist organizations wanted to have vehicle operations for a long time and once the cars start moving then it will be very difficult to stop them. I think this is a very terrible thing. I say this because this has happened in the past and this could be very bad for people who own a car because the police don’t know who is supporting ISIS behind the wheel of a car. My question is to the U.S. government, how will you try to prevent the death of innocents from these attacks?

Website: http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2016/12/21/506354954/vehicle-attacks-like-berlins-are-nothing-new-and-are-likely-to-continue



A career I want to purse is cooking because I love to make food and I love to make other people enjoy the food I make. There are many reasons as to why I want to purse this career. My first reason is that I enjoy that art of cooking. Anyone can make anything, but a real cook knows how to make anything from nothing and from something else. Secondly, I was inspired by my great-grandfather because he taught me different ways of how to cook eggs, and how to thaw bacon with a microwave. Another reason is that top tier chefs make about $74,060 per year or $35.61 hourly. So to conclude those are my reasons as to why I want to pure cooking.

Website used: http://work.chron.com/much-chef-earn-us-8251.html


Special Topics #1

I am interested in anime, cooking, snowboarding, chess, and business. I am interested in anime because it makes my imagination run wild after watching certain episodes. I am interested in cooking because it is one of my passions and it is something that I can really do. Snowboarding interests me because I like sports that involves snow and tricks( with no hands). Chess is interesting because it makes me think about my next move and it is a good way to think critically. Finally, business interests me because I want to know how to make money by having multiple companies. Those are somethings that interests me.