Vespa’s New Robot

Today at 11:34 am, Piaggio Fast Forward released the robot Vespa new controls. It can carry up to 40 pounds of your groceries. I think this is a good thing. I say that because it is a really good advancement in technology. My question is for the company, will there be even more new improvements to the robot?






The protest against Trump’s Immigration Ban

On Friday January 27,  President Trump signed to temporarily closed the nation’s borders to refugees from around the world and to people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. I think this is really heartbreaking. I say this because some refugees need a safe haven and America is supposed to be that place. Also because he is racially profiling places that have a high number of Muslims. My question is to President Trump, was this decision necessary?

Top five colleges

My top five colleges is Florida state, Penn state, Georgia state, Drexel, and Temple. I want to go these colleges because some of my family member went to these colleges. Another reason I want to go to at least one of these colleges is because they have some amazing clubs. Lastly, they also pay people on campus for doing jobs. Those are my reasons for my top 5 colleges.






Samsung Blames their batteries

Samsung is now blaming poorly designed batteries for the cause of some Galaxy Note 7 phones to explode. I feel indifferent about this. I say that because I knew something was wrong with the batteries when the Note 7 started to explode. Also I knew that the batteries was made from flammable material. My question is to the company when will this problem be solved?



Flesh & Bone #1


After the events that unfolded from the last book. Benny, Nix, Lilah, and Chong were in a desert forest. Benny walked along a river bank, thinking about his brother and how he had a duty to fill as being the last member of his family. He finally settled down on top of a rock that was near a pit and had two narrow path ways. He soon saw a women that had something in her hand. She blew in to it making a horde of zombies(or zoms as they are called in the book) came towards her. Benny said watch out but she didn’t move. The horde came, and walked right past her. They didn’t even know she was present, Benny began to run down one of the narrow path ways, but in doing so he chose they longest route to his friends. Some of the zombies began to run after him. He ran until a zombie came at him from his blind side and force him in to a pit. Soon zombies were filling the pit until a little girl scream out in horror. Benny said to get back but the girl didn’t and she ended up falling in to the pit making the zombies focus their attention on her. Benny got up and ran to her side knocking some zombies out of his way. He was thinking that he and this girl were going to die. That’s when Chong threw down a rope to help them get out of the pit. They both manage to get out of the pit but Benny forgot his sword that he got from his brother Tom(who died in the last book). Lilah jumped in the  pit and Nix told everyone to run. They ran and kept running until they were same and sound. The girl’s name was Eve. She was split up from her mother and father when zombies attacked them. The next day Lilah took off the fine Eve’s parents when she stumbled upon a meeting of other people. These people were called reapers; and their “life mission” was to make people go to the dark. Which is a weird way of say killing them. That’s when she spotted a women that silenced the crowd of people who was in the meeting. Her name was Mother Rose. She had her right hand man who carries a huge hammer with him stand up next to her. She talked about a place called that they thought was bad for the people and that they have to destroy it before its to late. When Benny, Nix, Chong, and Eve went outside they quickly stopped in their tracks because they saw three female lions. Then the male lion showed up. They didn’t want to get any attention from it but the female lions were getting ready to attack until something hit the lion causing them to run away. The male lion fled too. That’s when three people came out of the shadows. They were two of them were Eve’s parents. But the other one was a girl who had the marks of a reaper but wasn’t one. Her name was Riot. Her mother was mother Rose. Eve’s parents at first was questioning Benny, Chong, and Nix. They were about to fight when they all heard motors. They were reapers and they were coming to kill Eve, Nix, Benny, Chong, Riot, and Eve’s parents. They all started run but in different directions. Chong kept running until he heard one of the reapers. He had killed Eve’s father and her mother appeared to try to stop him but she also died. Benny and Nix ran in to a man who is considered the most deadliest reaper of them all. His name was Father John. They manage to get away from him but he was trailing them from a far. Chong saw that the reaper was going to attack Eve so he jumped out and tried to save her but he ended up getting shot with an arrow. Before he passed out he saw Riot kill the reaper.

Character Analysis:

In this part of the book we are introduced to new characters but also see some old ones. But their traits change from the last book. Benny is a little more depressed now that he has no living family member(that is known so far in the story line). He thinks he has to defend everyone from everything and by doing this he is hurting his relationship with his girlfriend Nix. Nix became a little more independent but also more self-centered. Meaning that she rarely talks to anyone anymore and is getting blinded by her obsession with finding the jet they saw months ago. Which in the end is making her question why did Benny even agree to go with her to find this jet. Lilah mostly stayed the same only her feelings are growing for Chong but she doesn’t know how to tell or show him how she really feels. Chong became a little more brave than what he usually is. He is also facing some internal conflicts with telling Lilah how he feels about her. Not much information was given about Mother Rose but from the context clues I can say she is a cold-blooded person that has her own agenda for the death cult/ dark church. She is very intelligent and a she is very cunning with convincing a crowd of something. But not only that she is a person that is like by her followers and by her right hand man. His name is Alexi. He trusts Mother Rose with his life and will defend him until he dies. Saint John is the leader of the dark church/death cult/ death church. He is fast and is really dangerous to others when he pulls out his knives. Nothing else has been read about him yet. He has a loyal servant who he trust the most. His name is Brother Peter. He has the second highest kill count throughout the dark church and he is very skilled with a katakana. The reapers were ordinary people who “lost” their hope for humanity and wants to purify the earth of people who don’t want to join their cause and also people who are against their cause. Eve is a little girl who is very afraid of the reapers and of other zombies. She is very emotionally unstable because she witness the death of her parents and will probably be traumatized because of it. Not much detail was given about Eve’s father and mother but her father was against the reapers and  was working with Mother Rose’s daughter Riot, so was her mother. They both knew were sanctuary was. So they were targets for the reapers. Even though the zombies aren’t main or sub-characters, they have changed. Some of them mutated and now have “gain” the ability to run and chase down anything that’s moving. Riot’s real name is Margaret. She is the daughter to Mother Rose. She was also once a reaper but she then changed her mind. For right now I don’t know that reason.

Personal Reaction:

So far I have really enjoyed this book. The way it keeps up with story line is very impressive. Also the way the book introduce new characters is amazing, in my opinion. The author left me guessing about what is going to happen next. The cliff hangers, the book leaves me on, are really agonizing but in a really good way. For example when Benny and Nix met Saint John I was really frightened for them because he was really dangerous, then the book cuts to Chong and his altercation with the reaper. The book has more moments when characters think to themselves and reflect about their own past decisions. I think that is great because it is setting up some internal and more likely external problems for the character(s). The amount of detail the author puts in the book is fantastic. The adjectives make me think I can actually see or feel what the character(s) see and or feel. I really enjoy this book. The antagonist(s) in the book are really creative and makes me think if they were actual living beings I would be scared for my life. But the moment that really struck my heart was when Eve lost her parents in front of her and Chong tried to be brave but ended up getting hit with an arrow and passing out. I feel really bad for her. I also feel sad for Riot because of the way she killed the reaper. It was like she lost her mind when attacking the reaper. That is my personal reaction towards the first half of “Flesh & Bone”.

Power Rangers

I can’t wait until this movie comes out. I am excited. I say that because I am a power rangers fan. Also because the special effects in the trailer look really amazing. My question is to the producer, will this movie be similar to the first power rangers TV show?


Professional: Second choice career

My second choice career would be becoming a lawyer. This would be my second choice because I want to enforce the law on those who break it. I also want to bring justice to those who need. Lastly, I want to bring fairness to the people. Those are my reasons as to why I would say becoming a lawyer is my second choice career.