Flesh & Bone #2


After the meeting Lilah saw she knew that those people were up to no good. She started to run back to find the others. But she ran it to some reapers. They thought they could take here own but Lilah was very skill so she easily killed them. But another problem was about to occur because Lilah was then attack by a boar that was turned in to a zombie. She never saw something like this before and for the first time in a long time she was scared. She took off running as fast as she could but another boar appeared in front of her and manage to inflect a moderate slash on the side of her leg. She was injured and it hurt really badly. But she kept running and running until a passel of  hogs  was chasing her and one of them made another attempt to attack her but ended up sending of the side of a cliff and the passel followed. But lucky some branches caught her fall but under her was the passel of hogs try to bring her down so they could feast on her. But she was out of range for them. Meanwhile Benny and Nix were running for a really long time until Nix stopped. Nix began to talk about how the sound of motors was something similar to Christmas with her mom back when she was alive and well in Mountain Side. But now she said it was just the sound of reapers and death when they came. Benny told Nix not to worry about it and said that everything was going to be fine even though he was lying to himself. Nix then began to question Benny on the fact that he wanted to find Riot and she said he like her. He denied it of course. But he soon changed the subject by saying they need to find someway to look for Lilah and Chong. Nix decide that they should move to higher ground to get a better view. They did and Nix climbed up the mountain, soon Benny followed and the he heard her scream. Her scream was so loud that everyone could hear her even the undead. Benny ran to her and what he saw was something he thought they wouldn’t see in a long time. It was the Jet they saw a few months ago. Broken in to pieces and damaged. Nix began to cry of the site of her hopes and dreams being torn apart. Chong started to blink and saw that Riot was hovering over him asking him if he’s dead yet. The moment he tried to get up he felt a jolt of pain coming from the area where he had been shot with by and arrow and it flowed in to his brain. Riot then began to ask question to see he if could at least talk without having any pain. He could speak and out the corner of his eye he caught Eve sleeping next to him. Riot then began to say that there was a good chance that if she pulled the arrow out of him the wrong way that he would most likely bleed to death. But she knew what she was doing and told Chong to put a rag in his mouth so that when he scream he would bite down on the rag hindering his scream to echo through the forest and cause unwanted attention. She twisted the arrow and Chong bit down so fast he thought he was going to bite right threw the rag. When the arrow was removed a great relief came over him but soon got replace with fear because Riot said that the arrow’s tip was covered with with zombie spit. In other words when Chong got hit with an arrow that caused him to become infected. He was really scared and then looked at Eve who was next to him asleep. Riot said that they needed to move to some place where people can treat him. This place was Sanctuary. Nix was still bawling from the crash site. Benny pointed out that the plane they saw had different signs on it. So that meant that they plane that was in front of them wasn’t the one they saw months before. Nix was relieved by that. They both decided to go inside the plane to see what they could find. When they got inside they saw that the place was filled with guns and  machines that wasn’t used for a long time. There was also some files all over the place. But in the very front of the plane they saw that the pilot and co-pilot were tuned in to zombies and tried to attack them but they were wrapped in some material that prevented them form moving. Benny picked up the files and notice that it had notes about zombies and how they were mutating, causing them to move around objects, run and grab items to use as weapons. He was shocked when he saw this. The moved to another part of the plane that had door that said the darkness awaits. Benny opened it and hundreds of zombie were locked in a cage. Lilah woke up and saw that she was still on some branches and that she was bleeding. She forced herself to get up and she thought of how to make it down the cliff  without jumping in to the pile of zombie hogs. She first ripped some of her clothing of to cover her wound. Then jumped to the far side of the cliff which gave her a opening to get her balance and attack the zombie animals. She managed to take down three hogs but the fourth hit so hard that it threw her back making her hit her head on a rock that knocked her down causing her to bleed from her head. Before she passed out form the pain she thought she saw Tom killing the rest of the hogs. Mother Rose and Alexi were planning to take Sanctuary for themselves and for their small army. They were recruiting people to join their cause. One person they got knew the location of Sanctuary and they began to march their way to the Sanctuary. But brother Simon and Saint John knew of their plans and waited for the right moment to attack them. Lilah woke up in a homemade shelter. Someone was walking in and she grabbed her gun. But the man said her was friendly. His name was Joe Ledger. He was working for the people at Sanctuary. He then ask Lilah why she was out her and she told him that she was with her friends that got split because of the reapers. He ask who her friends were and when she said Benny’s name he quickly told them that they needed to find them as so as possible. They got on a ATV that Joe stole from the reapers and started to look for the others. Mother Rose told Alexi to go to the storage room where they kept the guns and explosives for Sanctuary. All of these weapons of mass destruction would be found at the crash site where Nix and Benny were at. Mother Rose told Alexi to take the strongest of the men in the group with him to retrieve the weapons. He did  and started to make his way to the crash site. Then with the guy who knew where Sanctuary’s location began to march to it. While on the ATV Lilah and Joe saw Mother Rose’s army coming and they were marching in front of them. So they turned around and had to find another path to find the rest of Lilah’s friends. Benny was still in the plane when he heard a scream come from outside. It was Nix, she was screaming because Alexi and the some of his reapers were there with him. Nix tried to act tough and threaten to kill Alexi. But he said that she would be able to take one of them down but not all of them. Benny had to think fast and remembered the place where all those zombies were kept in a cage. He busted open the cage letting the horde come from the plane and the zombies began to take down Alexi’s mini army. Benny was running away we he was caught in combat with a zombie. But this zombie was “smart” because as soon as benny attempted to hit the zombie with his katana it caught it a swung it in a way that made Benny lose grip of it. The zombie picked up a stick and before Benny knew hit it hit him in the head causing him to be knocked unconscious. He had a dream where he was talking to Tom his older brother and he said that Benny was acting warrior smart for protecting or at least trying to protect everyone. Benny began to wake up every so often and saw Riot and Chong one time, Nix and Lilah another time, and Joe one time he recognized him from the zombie cards he collected back when everyone was in there home town. The zombie horde tried to take Alexi but couldn’t but got caught in the cross fire and she began to run in the same direction of Alexi. They were talking until brother Peter stepped in a killed Alexi. Mother Rose wanted forgiveness but Saint John said that the darkness awaited her. Then they both left her for the Alexi who was a zombie now and began to attack her. Benny woke up in a hospital bed and Nix started to cry tears of joy for him. She told him that they were at Sanctuary. Benny got up and Nix helped him around the place it was big though. He saw Eve playing with other children and ask to she Chong. But Nix fell silent. She said that he was battling for his life and that doctors were working on him. But the part of the Sanctuary where he was at was restricted and people that came  in never came out. Lilah was in there at bedside with Chong crying. Saint John traveled to some towns he heard about from one of his spies that was with Joe. She said there was 9 towns that awaited the darkness. He was now staring at one of them and then blew a dog whistle and a massive horde started to come from behind him and moved toward the town.

Character Analysis:

After the events that took place in the second half of this book a lot of the characters traits have changed. Benny at first was depressed about his brother being killed. But after the experience he had with the reapers, Saint John, and the new mutated zombies his depression has know turned into fear for what might happen next. When Nix was in trouble with Alexi and his group of reapers he didn’t know what to do and was forced to do something that could have cost him his life. But know that he knows that Chong is infected he fears for his friends life. In the beginning of the book Nix was independent and self-centered but now after multiple encounters with reapers and zombies she became a little more dependent on Benny because without his quick thinking she would have died along time ago in this book. But now she is no longer self-centered because she started to tell Benny how she felt more often and how sad she was and how much she missed her mom and Tom. Lilah feelings fro Chong have grown over the course of the second half of the book. For example she was with him when he was being taken care of in the hospital and didn’t leave his side not once. Which shows signs that she really has feelings for. Speaking of Chong his character traits has really improved. Before he was stuck on how he felt about Lilah but he overcame that with his death experience but know his bravery turned into a dark acceptance. This meaning that now since he is infected he will most likely turn into a zombie. Which means that he has to (even though he doesn’t want to) accept the fact he will be killed by a random person or one of his friends might have to kill him. Externally he shows that he his fine and is okay with what has to happen, but internally he is scared out of his mind. Mother Rose has changed a lot at first she was suppose to be Saint John’s right hand women but in stead she tried to betray him by going to Sanctuary and take over for her self by using weapons that she kept secret until the time was right. Then she would use those weapons against Saint John and the other reapers and take over the rest of the world. Saint John mostly stayed the same. But he became a little more insane. For example he gave or fed Mother Rose to a zombie that welcomed her to the darkness. Another example is that he “controls” a zombie horde now and he is using them to take over and destroy other towns full of people. Brother Peter stayed the same as before. As well as Eve but she is a little more traumatized since she saw the death of both her parents in front of her very own eyes. Riot became a little more trusting of Benny, Chong, and Nix. Not much was said about Joe but from what was read he sounds like a really good character. The zombies still aren’t main characters or even sub-characters but they manage to change how some of there kind act. For example some of them can now grab objects and use objects to inflict damage to something or someone.

Personal Reaction:

I was really shocked about how this book ended. There two major cliff hangers that the author left me on at the end. For example will Chong survive or not and will Saint John destroy all the towns he heard about. The way the story introduced Joe the new character was really entertaining. I say that because when reading the book he shows up out of no where and saves Lilah from certain death. Which in my opinion was very heroic and for him to know Tom and the reaction he gave to Tom’s younger brother (Benny) being in danger was absolutely satisfying. I really enjoyed the way certain problems were fix. For example Saint John still doesn’t know where Sanctuary’s location is which is a good thing. but the one thing I didn’t see coming was Mother Rose betraying Saint John. I really thought that she would stick with him to the end. I guess he must have thought that as well. But when she did betray him his reaction was very dark. Instead of taking her out he left her there for the darkness which in a since is going with his cause but not going with it because Brother Peter didn’t have to kill Alexi to bring darkness to Mother Rose and him. But he did it anyway. This concludes Flesh & Bone.


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