The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero


“The Lost Hero” is part of the book series “The Heroes of Olympus”. This book follows three demigods named Piper, Leo, and Jason. They all were at a school for troubled youth and they were on a school trip. On bus Jason woke up, not having a idea on who he was and how he got here. His friends Piper and Leo tried to help him but couldn’t. While on this trip they got attacked by storm spirits that were assigned to kill any and all demigods. Piper almost fell to her death when one of the storm spirits attacked but luckily Jason was there to catch her in mid air. Later a demigod named Annabeth came and took them to a place called camp half-blood. This camp was made to be a safe haven for demigods since there was no other place in the word to keep them safe, but one of their campers named Percy Jackson went missing. Once they reached the camp they had to wait for their parent (who is a God) to claim them. Piper was claimed by the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, Leo was claimed by the god of fire and blacksmiths Hephaestus. But Jason didn’t get claimed that day. He still couldn’t remember who he was. Piper was keeping a secret that was very hard fro her to keep from her friends. Her secret was that she had to kill Leo and Jason before a certain time period. If she done that then her father would be returned to her. He was taken by a giant who was the son of Gaea (the earth). Leo also held a secret and that was that he killed his mother by accident because he had no control of his fire ability. He could “make” fire and with stand its affects. He lost control and burned down his house with his mom inside. Soon enough Jason was claimed by his father Jupiter. Which was strange because that was his father’s Roman name. Not his Greek name (Zeus) like Piper’s and Leo’s parent. Each of them had a reoccurring dream/vision that eventually led them to believe that something was wrong with Olympus (home of the gods). Jason manage to talk to one of the counselor and he said to go talked to the oracle. He did and she said that Hera, the queen of the gods was captured and held prisoner by a giant and her life energy was being drained to resurrect Gaea (grandmother of the gods). She wanted to kill the gods and have the giants rule the earth. After that Jason was told that he only had 3 days to find Hera and free her and so he chose Piper and Leo to go on this quest with him. They had fought some cyclopes, King Midas, and the goddess of snow Khione. But they also had some help from a metal dragon Leo found and repaired, Lupa the she-wolf that knew who and what Jason was, and Boreas the god of wind. They eventually find Hera and Piper’s dad but the giant that captured them both was waiting for them and attacked them. Leo and Piper manage to get Hera free in time just before Jason was hit to death by the giant. Once Hera was free she told Jason a small part of why his memory was missing and a prophecy that said that two leaders will be trade and only way for a great evil not to return is by the two sides coming together and the demigods and gods working together. Hera went back to Olympus and Piper, Leo, and Jason went back to Camp Half- Blood. Jason told them that he refers to his father by his Roman name because he was born with the god’s Roman side not the Greek side. He also said that Percy might be at the Half-Blood camp for the Roman children facing the same identity crisis. Since Jason and Percy are leaders and they are spoken about in the prophecy.

Character Analysis:

Jason’s character stayed the same throughout the book. He was supportive, kind hearted, brave, and a quick thinker. He got most of his friends out of deadly situations even without his memory. Piper changed a lot during the book because of personal situation with her father. At first she was very secretive from  her friends. This was because she was suppose to kill them but she didn’t want to nd if they notice anything wrong with her they would ask but she would either ignore them or change the subject. During the middle of the book is when she started to change. She began to talk to them a little more about her problems but she still didn’t tell them about her dad until Jason almost died facing the cyclops. Once she told them her internal character changed more than her external. On the inside she felt more confident and trusting towards others and because of that she became more independent than she already was. At the end of the book she was her on voice and she didn’t let the fact she wasn’t born from a powerful goddess stop her from being a strong fighter and she helped strengthen her friendship with Leo and Jason. Leo at the beginning of the book was very funny and carefree. He cared for his friends nd would try to help them out the best way he could but he thought of himself as the third wheel or someone who was a burden. Since Jason and Piper had deeper relationship he had envy towards them. But one trait that he took inherited from his father was his deep relationship for non living things. He thought to them as friends and put a lot of faith into the dragon his father made than into his friends at one point. But his personality changed towards the middle of the book. His past was being discovered and he really lost faith in himself when he couldn’t fix the dragon his father made and he couldn’t get over the fact that he was the cause of his own mother’s death. He felt that since he hade the ability to create fire from his hands he was just a demigod who was dangerous and he got discourage of this power because there was a legend that a demigod with the exact same ability destroyed a town in London. But when the push came to shove he pushed back. At the end of the book he regained his confidence and was able to control his ability without hurting his friends while beating the goddess of snow. So to conclude each of the main characters in this book either stayed the same or changed from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. Jason since he lost his memory didn’t have much of character development so he mostly stayed the same. Piper had changed from being secretive and dependent to open, honest, and independent on most things. Leo went from being low in confidence to high in confidence.

Personal Reaction:

I honestly love this book. From the way new problems were forming to the way each character had some internal struggle. But most of all I enjoyed they way the author tied the book to the Percy Jackson series. If anyone likes book similar to Percy Jackson series or by the author this one is worth checking out. Even though this book is fiction it still has some ties to real Roman and Greek mythology. For example, they have some of the names of the gods and goddess in Greek and Roman. Like Jupiter which is the Roman form of the name Zeus the king of all gods and Jason’s father. Something else I liked about this book was the fact that it had me figuring out the past of Jason. Which I believe is phenomenal. The amount of clues and hints the story provided was astonishing. Even though I still don’t have as much information about Jason. The story offered me enough to get a basic understanding of the character. Another thing that I liked about this book was how they incorporated life lessons and themes in e story as well. A theme that I picked up on was that the only way to success is trust. Trust was one of the biggest internal problems the characters faced in the book. Leo couldn’t trust his powers and Piper couldn’t trust herself to make the right call on saving her dad and back stabbing her friends or saving her friends and have the possibility of losing her father. I really did enjoy this book.



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