Granville T. Woods

Granville T. Woods was an inventor that helped with the creation of telephones. He was born in 1856 and later died in 1910, he was 54. I think he was a really great inventor. I say this because he helped shape the future of telephones. For example, he set the foundation for improvements of them (current time telephones). My question is to the author of the biography, were you inspired by Granville T. Woods?



Monthly Subscription Box Teaches Children About Black History Year Round

Subscription boxes nation wide are teaching children about Black History. This keeps the children engaged in learning year round. This is a good thing. I say that because it teaches kids about their race’s unknown history. My question is to the organization that made this, is the profits going to history museums?


Howard University

Howard University is a historic University that I want to attended. It was founded in 1866. It was also a training facility for black preachers. It was named after a Civil War hero named General Oliver O. Howard. The reason I want to attend this college is because the classes aren’t big. So that means I can get a lot of work done (2-9 students make up 28% of the classes).


Picture of General Oliver O. Howard:

Black History/ Current Event

Bayard Rustin was part of the civil rights movement. He was a African American male who was gay at the time. I think this was good. I say this because he might help other people come out and say they were gay. My question would be to his current relatives, do you like the fact he was a hero for coming out in the past?


Black Lighting

Black Lighting was DC Nation’s first African American superhero. He was created by Tony Isabella. He was one of my favorite superheroes when I saw him in a animated series. His main power is lighting. My question is to Tony Isabella, why did you chose to  make a black superhero?

Special Topic

Who are the top five black chefs in America? At the top of the list is Chef G. Garvin. In second place is Chef Angela Shelf Medearis who is part of a website called In third place is Chef Marcus Samuelsson. In forth place is The Neelys who are also part of In fifth place is Chef Edna Lewis who is also part of